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    Default Daniel Bryan, best character development story in years.

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    Daniel Bryan, best character development story in years.

    Honestly people are going on about AA in TNA about his character development but Daniel Bryan surely has one of the best character developments. He started in Nexus, got released and came back on the Summerslam team as a face and went on to have a great feud with The Miz. He became Money in the bank winner and than cashed in on Big Show. He had a gradual and slow heel turn which was being built up which developed into a egotistical, annoying, and arrogant ass hole character who treated his girlfriend like shit. He has been built as a character who even though hes annoying he backs up his skills in the ring.

    I love how he turned from a friendly guy into an asshole but than he developed a great crowd reaction with " YES " chants. Hes now in a good feud with Punk and AJ. His character development has changed dramatically over the past year and im all for it.

    Anyone else like his character development?

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    Ya Daniel Brayan character sucked in WWE as a face but he is one on the best heels in Wwe today

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    He deserves all the credit cause he got himself over. He's the best in ring talent WWE have had in years and his character has been great since turning heel. Haters will always hate on Bryan cause their fav wrestler isn't getting the push.

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