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    Default Comparing Past and Present Wrestlers?

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    Comparing Past and Present Wrestlers?

    Who do you think guys, are similar wrestlers from the past and present, by each category?

    1. Gimmick
    2. Wrestling style
    3. Charisma
    4. Look/Posture
    5. Determination/Aggression.

    It doesn't have to be exact, as look and gimmick are similar, but it depends on how you go about comparing each wrestler to another, and who reminds you of which wrestler from the past?

    You could even compare two wrestlers around today, both who remind you of one another, or just seem like clones of each other!

    Also which wrestler do you think would benefit from a copy of a past wrestlers gimmick today etc?

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    Ryback --> Goldberg

    I know someone is going to say Ryback is similar to Goldberg just thought I'd do it before anyone else does because it's a bit obvious someone would have said it lol.

    Funkasaurous --> Rikishi/Too cool? because the dancing and shiiizzz is why I think it's similar

    CM Punk --> Stone Cold, they both have many differences although I think they're similar in terms of both wrestlers say what ever they want without a bother of what people think.


    long time ago, thought that sheamus would be the new triple h , he had that agression, that "asshole" character, and of course the physique, but now they turned him into a friendly-family guy. big loss.

    Well, i guess everybody can agree on the fact that cena is the new hogan, with that superhero character. However they don't have the same wrestling style nor the same look.

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    that damien Sandow gimmick reminds me of a young Hunter hearst Helmsley.
    Brodus Clay - Godfather/Rikishi
    Dashing Cody Rhodes - The Model Rick Martel
    Do you know Richard Cheese?



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