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    Default Is Cody Rhodes taking steroids?

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    I know it's not easy to tell, but does anyone actually think Cody is juicing?
    A few weeks ago a rumor site said that he failed the wellness policy and was expected to be suspended but he provided a prescription for whatever he tested positive for. So he did not get suspended.

    Some of you might say "well he could have went to a shady doctor and got him to write a scrip".
    But if it is that easy wouldn't have all of the WWE wrestlers who got suspended, have done that and avoided it.
    So do you guys think Cody is illegally juicing?

    Also a side question.
    Does a wwe wrestler taking steroids automatically mean they will never live past 80?

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    Nah, I'm pretty sure WWE would have easily suspended Rhodes if he was taking Roids. And the answer to your question is no. Not all superstars who take roids are expected to live over 80.

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    I hope he is not taking steroids, it does more bad to you than doing good. And yes steroids reduces the life of the taker. A person taking steroids might not live even till 60.

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    All WWE wrestlers who aren't big fat asses take supplements, and most would be on the juice beating the testing guidelines. I don't believe a guy like Randy Orton has ever been clean, he just got caught for pot and I'd imagine happened to screw up a cycle at the time. As long as you keep your levels within the WWE guidelines you can be on PED's. I remember reading someone critiquing the policy and their conclusion was you could be on a HGH ****tail and still pass.

    I wouldn't necessarily say that PED's are all bad, if you can get a prescription the UFC allows testosterone replacement therapy. Dietitians can give you supplements that stimulates your body to produce more of the substance, that produces testosterone. Vince McMahon eats roids like candy and he's still alive, unfortunately

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    Almost certainly.

    He's been attempting to gain and maintain muscle mass for a while now, and he's been battling through a bunch of bumps, lumps, bruises and very minor injuries, all the while continuously touring and missing almost no live events for months and months on end now.

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    Oh dear christ almighty I pray he's not juicing.



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