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    Default Cody Rhodes broken nose:rofl:

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    does any one else find it funny that Cody Rhodes is making a big deal about his broken nose. I mean really I had friends that played contact sports like rugby and would break their noses all the time and didn't complain about it afterwards. is the guy that full of him self? I mean it was his fault if he hadn't exposed Mystero's knee brace
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    Nope I think there is some other problem, its just in today that he's out of royal rumble.

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    he also has a Deviated septum too it does require surgery to fix. most guys would be proud that they broke there nose. you know wear it as a badge of courage not whine about it. its the whining and the Omg my life is over talk from Cody that i find funny because I swear the guy is a human Version of the transformer Sunstreaker.
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