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    Default Is It CM Punk's Turn to Lose in His Hometown?

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    CM Punk is not only the best wrestler in the WWE, he is also the face of the company. When you are the best wrestler and the face of the company, you have a championship belt around your waist to justify your position.

    If the last two weeks on Monday Night Raw are an indication of anything, Punk and Chris Jericho will once again battle at Extreme Rules. This rematch might surpass the greatness of the first matchup because of the added tension in the feud.

    Remember the last time Punk was in Chicago for a pay-per-view? He left his hometown, and the WWE, with their top title. As Punk walked out, the whole crowd was going wild because they knew their hometown hero was doing the right thing. Can you imagine what it would be like if Punk did not leave with the belt around his waist?

    Even though Jericho is a heel and John Cena is a babyface, the fans will not boo Y2J the way they booed Cena.

    With that being said, the result from the first match should not change. Punk should keep the belt around his waist and move on to a new opponent. The feud between him and Jericho should not continue past Extreme Rules.

    If the feud drags on, it will lose its hype, and the fans will complain about redundancy. There is no reason to have three to four rematches because at a certain point, the matches will not keep that same interest level. Just look at how Randy Orton and Cena's feud was from a couple of years ago. It started off hot, but it ended very sour.

    You can't end this feud with Jericho being the champion; it would hurt Punk's character, especially after all the ridicule he has been through.

    Punk should keep the title because he definitely lost his pride. He will redeem that pride by beating Jericho in Punk's hometown. If Punk loses in Chicago, it will definitely add a ton of salt to all of his open wounds. Punk is the company's top guy and there is no reason to give him the current "Cena treatment."

    Not only will it hurt Punk's character, but losing the belt, in Chicago or wherever else, will keep destroying the meaning of the belt.

    The attitude era was great for plenty of reasons, but the biggest reason was because one man was dominant with the belt and when he lost it, it meant a lot.

    Losing it to Jericho won't mean much because it would probably not stick on him for a while. Y2J is too focused on other things in his life, and he is not going to be fixed into the company like Punk is.

    If there is one person in the WWE who should hang onto the belt for a long time, it's Punk.

    There is no better way for Punk to come out on top from this feud than to defeat Jericho in Punk's hometown. After all the ridicule and the unleashing of Punk's demons, Punk is going to say enough is enough and come out the victor.

    Also, don't be surprised if Punk's family is in attendance at his hometown and he wins in front of them.

    However, this is the WWE, where drama drives stories, and nothing will create more drama than seeing the hometown hero, in front of his friends and family, lose the top WWE title to someone who has been tormenting him for months.

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    The championship will change Hands @ Xtreme rules



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