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    Default CM Punk Talks About Leaving WWE: "Going Out With A Bang"

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    On Monday's RAW, CM Punk announced that he plans to leave WWE when his contract expires on July 17th, the day of Money in the Bank. Punk wrote the following on Twitter regarding his upcoming departure:

    "I knew I was gone at the beginning of the year. I just woke up one day and I knew. That's the way I work a lot of the time."

    "I think it's creepy too, but it's really helpful. I knew I'd be history by July. Come say goodbye on July 17th."

    "Come say goodbye on July 17th. I promise to go out with a bang. Trust me. XxX"

    WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross also commented on CM Punk's big announcement:

    "@cmpunk is most interesting man in wwe & he NEVER drinks beer. MITB PPV now has a viable 'hook.'. Truth's doing well too."

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    I hope he just take a break and the renew his contract. He's one of the best heels in the WWE.

    I love Cena, but I hope Punk wins the WWE Title. I know I'm not the only one that thinks he deserves it.

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    he is a good wrestler.



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