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    Default CM Punk on Mark Madden’s radio show

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    CM Punk appeared on Mark Madden’s radio show Monday in Pittsburgh to promote ‘SummerSlam’ and gave his thoughts on The Rock. Punk stated that The Rock shouldn’t be taking credit for the amount of buys for WrestleMania 27 (1,058,000 buys this year worldwide, up from 885,000 the prior year) stating that Rock didn’t do anything entertaining on the show and is sick of Rock getting credit for the success of the show. Punk also said that The Rock’s promos are corny and old and he is not saying this to disrespect The Rock but hopes that it gives him motivation to step it up when he returns and that one day a young kid in the business will criticize Punk for being old and stale. Punk also spoke about a pending feud with Triple H and they cannot make the same mistakes they did 10-years ago and focus on the future of the business because he is concerned about the future and whether there will be a business in 30-years. He said he would loved to have dragged out his return to television, got tons of outside offers but the bottom line was that had a pay-per-view to sell. One click file hosting: CM Punk.mp3

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