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    Post Changes Made to Money in the Bank Ladder Matches

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    Since the Money in the Bank pay-per-view debuted in 2010, there have been two Money in the Bank ladder matches: the Raw Money in the Bank ladder match and the SmackDown Money in the Bank ladder match.

    It seems the matches will no longer be divided by brand, but by championship.

    WrestlingInc. has pointed out that states Big Show will participate in the "WWE Championship" Money in the Bank ladder match on July 15.

    Since there will be a WWE Championship Money in the Bank ladder match, there will likely be a World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank ladder match as well.

    Do you like the name changes?

    Considering Raw and SmackDown are no longer truly separate brands (many wrestlers from each show wrestle on both shows), it doesn't make sense to divide the matches by brand. For this reason, I like the name changes.

    Something else that has probably been changed is the number of participants.

    I would like to point out that this past Friday night on SmackDown—when Big Show announced that he would be participating in the Money in the Bank ladder match—he stated that "there's no one man, there's no five men that can stop me from winning Money in the Bank" (via

    "No five men"?

    It is probably safe to assume that each Money in the Bank ladder match will include six participants, as opposed to the traditional eight participants

    I think the change in the number of participants is probably a good idea. Past Money in the Bank ladder matches have included anywhere from six to 10 participants, so going from eight to six participants isn't a big deal.

    Also, I doubt WWE could have filled up two eight-man ladder matches. Just go to's superstar page and try crafting two solid eight-man ladder matches. Be sure to include high flyers who could offer good spots (like Sin Cara), veterans (like Chris Jericho) and wrestlers who you could realistically see winning the match (like Dolph Ziggler).

    Good luck.

    There are too many wrestlers who are either injured, suspended, already have gold around their waist, are busy making movies (Miz) or aren't ready to win the match.

    Overall, I like the changes to the Money in the Bank ladder matches.

    What about you?

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    I don't think changing the name even makes sense.

    SD and Raw Mitb match name was better than WWE and WH title Mitb names.

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