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    Post How many chances should a Superstar get?

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    Just how many championship opportunities and rematches does a Superstar deserve? Ever since losing the World Heavyweight Championship to Randy Orton on the May 6 edition of SmackDown, Christian has had five World Title encounters with The Viper. But, has Christian been given too many chances?

    Christian's Recent World Heavyweight Championship Matches with Randy Orton
    WWE Over the Limit: LOSS
    Capitol Punishment: LOSS
    Money in the Bank: WIN
    SummerSlam: LOSS
    SuperSmackDown: LOSS

    Should Christian give up? Or, should he keep fighting to regain a title that took him 17 years to win? Is it time for other Superstars to get their chance at the World Title?

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    Seriously he need stop cry like a little girl and give it up, the fact he only won it from Randy from a disqualification in the first place, only make it more sad he keep whine about "another match" I've never liked Christian, and the fact he are keep crying for that "one more mach" there are x6 now are just pathetic!

    And again it took him 17 years to win it, just point out he are not good enough to carry that title, so move on Christian back in line fight your way back up if you can, but stop embarrass your self anymore, no one like a crybaby.

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    Christian won like 3-4 #1 contenders match, and rematch is a must. Anyone deserve to be #1 contender if they won the #1 contenders match just like Henry does last battle royal.

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    The thing is that u canīt blaming Christian for trying getting every opprtunety for a championchip Match, even when it getting really boring.

    My problem is more that every one have this right of a rematch.
    Would be ok, if the titel lost is dikussable, but in general ?
    I hate it, itīs the same boring story and christian is one of thousend actors who play this roll.



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