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    Default cena/kane vs show/jericho what was.....

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    cena/kane vs show/jericho what was.....

    the bell rung for ? it was just your typical non legal tag partner getting involved and stopping the pin.... a mean even in the games ur tag partner can run in the ring and stop the count why was the bell rung for that incident ?

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    WWE don't care about coherency and consistency, best not to think too much about these things.

    Why not have show pull the ref and then he could have been legitimately disqualified (even though they normally let that go as well)?

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    Ya that was crap..... the ref called for the bell just for Show hitting Cena

    How many times it has happened in the past.......

    My this weeks funny clips was getting to much long otherwise I was going to add this one too with a nice insulting joke

    It's Clobberin Time

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    Exactly what I thought, was quite disappointed with this ending

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    Yea that was ridiculous. Was arguing with my stupid friend saying that tag teams been doing that since the beginning of time itself without dq's

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