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    Default This is how I would book CM Punk next week!

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    CM Punk music hits. He doesnt do his usual ' It's clobbering time ' instead he walks down the ramp and sits down in the ring. He listens to the crowd reaction sighing his eyes and hearing some boo's and a wave of CM Punk chants.

    Punk: "It's been a long time since Ive actually spoken my mind. Does any of you remember the word I used to like to call Pipebombs?"

    * The crowd roars, and a hellacious CM PUNK chant kicks out *

    Punk: " Last summer I spoke exactly what I had on my mind. I was the voice of the voiceless, I was the man that wanted to bring change to the WWE. And you know what bugs me the most is that nothing has really changed has it. John Cena is still constantly stuffed down your throats, and I feel sorry for you people. A man named Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson comes along and him and Cena steal "MY" spotlight at Wrestlemania. So Dwayne comes along and he wins the match, but that wasnt enough for Dwayne was it? He has to come along and steal the spotlight for the talent that work their ass of every single night. So last week when I attacked Rock I werent turning my back on you fans...

    * Punk looks at Lawler when he says that *

    I was simply making a point that I am THE BEST IN THE WORLD. Unlike Dwayne who comes along out of his glorious view from Hollywood and steps into this ring and demands a WWE Championship match. But hey im still up for a fight, and if he still wants to do it then let not wait to Royal Rumble, how about we do this even sooner, how about we do this at the Summerslam!

    Cena Music hits and he walks down to the ring with a stubborn look on his face. He tells Punk that he was dissapointed he would try and take the cheap way out and try to snatch a cheap victory. Punk replies to Cena and tells him he would do exactly the same no matter the situation. Cena then says that he wants a rematch against Punk and that he will be the man to hold that WWE title to Royal Rumble and get his redemption against The Rock. Punk talks about how boring that must be for all the fans having to sit through another year of Rock/Cena but tells Cena that if he wants a fight then hes right here.

    AJ Music hits and she walks down to the ring with a crazed smile. She tells Punk and Cena that these two will face each other at Summerslam for the WWE Title. She then books tonight CM Punk and John Cena vs Big Show and Daniel Bryan for the main event tonight.

    Punk wins the match via GTS to Daniel Bryan. After the match Cena grabs Punk from behind and gives him an Attitude Adjustment followed by a " You cant see me " and a smile to close the show.

    Basically Punk is still a babyface/tweener with a Cena/Punk feud re-igniting

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    Nice booking.

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    Wow, it's just like how WWE would book it although yours was a bit better. Repped.

    Anyway, whether he goes full heel or tweener, it doesn't really matter as long as this time it's going to be booked properly this time.

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    Change his entrance theme to AFI Miseria Cantare.

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    Also, if Punk turns heel maybe Daniel Bryan can finally ask him where the Best In The World gimmick came from.

    DB could bury Punk on the mic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathmatchdragon View Post
    DB could bury Punk on the mic.
    That reminds me of this video!
    Daniel Bryan is a legend!



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