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    Post The Boogeyman Reveals Who He Didn't Like Working With In WWE, Possible Return?

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    Marty Wright, who portrayed The Boogeyman character in WWE from 2005 to 2009, addressed his wrestling career during an interview with Justin LaBar on Wrestling Reality on TribLIVE Radio sports station in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He said everyone in the sports entertainment organization was enjoyable to work with during his time there with the exception of one individual.

    "Donald Trump, however, he wasn't the best. Actually, let me rephrase that. He was the worst. He didn't want to sell the character," Wright says.

    At WrestleMania 23 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan, Trump was shown in a backstage segment sitting on a couch with Miss America when The Boogeyman appeared from behind. Wright says Trump didn't think he should appear scared, and didn't.

    "I just wanted to bite his head off. He actually wasn't the most favorable person to work with, Wright says.

    Wright also reveals that he solely ate worms due to host arenas' fears of other insects getting loose.

    "We had to pay an infestation clause, which would cost much more money," says Wright, who wanted to use roaches, crickets and maggots for the gimmick. "Worms were the only thing we could control."

    Wright credits Vince McMahon with allowing him to direct character and notes that he would like to return to the company one day.

    "I can't say when, but just keep your eyes open. You never know when The Boogeyman is going to pop up again, but I'm definitely working toward that," Wright says.

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    He really wanted to eat roaches, maggots, and crickets? That's serious dedication to his gimmick and I'm not suprised that Trump acted like that and I can't really blame him.

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