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    Default Chris Jericho?

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    Thanks to this site I can watch WWE.
    I live in the Netherlands and it's not showed here.

    Because of this, I started a blog.

    I talk about every Raw and Smackdown.
    I even talked about Night Of Champions.

    So Thanks Desirulez, for letting me watch WWE!

    Now I have a question for the readers, what do you think of my blog and a question or more a topic I talk about in my blog is Chris Jericho.
    Sin Cara (both of them) uses the Lionsault as a move, CM Punk calls himself the best in the world, this episode of Smackdown's From the Vault contained a match with Chris Jericho in it.
    Are these signs? Or just coincidences?

    What do you think?
    I hope they're signs.

    I'm sorry, I hadn't read the rules, I have removed the link to my blog.
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