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    o)Kane vs. Zack Ryder - Pre-Show Singles Match
    Winner: (Kane)
    How?: (Pinfall)
    Interference(s): (No)
    Finisher(s): (Kane - Chokeslam)
    Bonus Question: (Yes)

    CM Punk (c) vs. Daniel Bryan - Singles Match for the WWE Championship
    Winner: (CM Punk)
    How?: (Pinfall)
    Interference(s): (Yes)
    If Yes, Who?: (AJ)
    Finisher(s): (Both)
    Bonus Question: (No)

    Sheamus (c) vs. Chris Jericho vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton - Fatal Four Way for the World Heavyweight Championship
    Winner: (Randy Orton)
    How?: (Pinfall)
    Interference(s): (No)
    Finisher(s): (All)
    Bonus Question: (Alberto Del Rio)

    Layla (c) vs. Beth Phoenix - Singles Match for the WWE Divas Championship
    Winner: (Layla)
    How?: (Pinfall)
    Interference(s): (No)
    If Yes, Who?: (if "yes", name one wrestler)
    Finisher(s): (Layla)
    Bonus Question: No

    John Cena vs. Johnny Ace - Singles Match
    Winner: (Johnny Ace)
    How?: (Pinfall)
    Interference(s): (Yes)
    If Yes, Who?: (Big Show)
    Finisher(s): (Big Show chokeslam)
    Bonus Question: (No)

    R-Truth and Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger - Tag Team Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
    Winner: (R-Truth and Kofi Kingston)
    How?: (Pinfall)
    Interference(s): (no)
    Bonus Question: (Kofi)

    Extra Bonus Questions - DOOO EEEETTTT!!
    Main Event: (C.M. Punk vs. Daniel Bryan)
    Show Opener: (Tag Team Championships)
    Surprise Appearance: Big Show (that counts, technically he was "fired")
    Who?: Big Show
    Title Changes: (2)
    Unannounced Match: (Ryback



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