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    Default The Next 5 Years in Wrestling

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    Under the surface, crazy things are happening in the wrestling business at this moment: GFW has been founded, TNA is going down, WWE is losing lots of money, European promotions are on the rise, Japanese wrestling is getting more popular in the U.S., etc.

    I personally think WWE will lose surface in the U.S.A. to (indy) promotions GFW and ROH, even though TNA has folded. Dutch promotion DPW will get more popularity in Europe, as will German wXw. NJPW will grab more attention in America, signing some (ex-)TNA talent like Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and The Wolves, which will also elevate ROH, as NJPW will host larger inter-promotional shows with ROH and possibly a Mexican or European promotion. WWE will have signed some more international talent, and will have turned John Cena heel, as his old fans have turned on him. Also do I predict that someone who was on the bottom of the ranks in WWE, will have become a huge star. Roman Reigns will be a "just-not" star, Seth Rollins has succeeded, Dean Ambrose has left WWE as he did stupid things, Cesaro is "the man", Daniel Bryan has been forced to retire young due to chronical neck problems (but he has delivered a 5 star match at WrestleMania 32) and the WWE Women's division has become very deep and decorated with some great talent (Charlotte, Veda Scott, CvE, just to name 3) and Paige has been the longest reigning Divas Champ is history.

    Where do YOU think pro wrestling will be in 5 years?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJ the [email protected] View Post
    Where do YOU think pro wrestling will be in 5 years?
    As long as Cena is healthy and active wrestler in next five years, you don't want to know where pro wrestling will be

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    John Cena will most likely remain face but will slowly transition to becoming more of a special attraction rather than the main event, and will probably continue his recent trend of working with younger stars, hopefully with more success than against the Wyatts.

    The main event of either Wrestlemania 32 or Summerslam 2015 will be a triple threat between the Shield for the world titles.

    The world titles will remain unified.

    The womens and tag divisions will remain as underdeveloped sideshows as long as Vince McMahon remains in direct control of the company.

    Daniel Bryan will continue to be the best wrestler in the world.

    NXT will continue to be the best development and training facility in the history of wrestling, and the idea that being "sent to development" is an embarrassment will die forever as indy wrestlers clamor for a chance to use the Performance Centre.

    CM Punk won't return, at least not full time. At most he will return for a short program with a Wrestlemania payday, and all the fans who hated Batista for "taking someones spot" will applaud Punk for doing the same.
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    Default alsdfj

    I see TNA moving overseas and being the biggest promotion in europe. WWE recovers and dominates the wrestling world even more then ever. I don't think any promotion will get even close to competing with WWE in America. Although TNA an NJPW will rule overseas.



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