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    was bored ^^

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    It Can Be Jericho By following.....

    0:04 Under the bridge, there's 3 supports. (3rd return?).
    0:19 Maple leaf under swing disappears. (Canadian returning).
    0:26 In the classroom, there's a globe (Best In The World).
    0:36 The crossed out name looks like Chris.
    0:39 "Do you understand?..[what I'm saying to you] jerichos quote.

    But Still Not Sure

    As WWE Crossed out Chris name from the notebook when they aired the 5th 1-2-12 promo

    I Think I was the only one that noticed that! Of course I have said from the beginning Jericho is done with the WWE, at least for now, and honestly don't look for him to ever return, or if he does it would be a VERY short term deal to announce his "official" retirement, but knowing Jericho, he wouldn't even do that.

    He gave us all many good years, and he deserves to be in the HOF, but for him, music is what he wants to concentrate on now. He has always said his two greatest loves were wrestling and music. He has done the wrestling bit, and now wants to spend all his time with his music.

    What bothers me is all these people that are supposedly Jericho "fans" turning on him, hating on him because he has left wrestling. If you are a true fan then you would support his choice and if you are in to Fozzy's style of music, buy his CDs and continue to be his fan. He doesn't have to be in a wrestling ring for me to be his fan.

    Anyway........I have kind of joined the band wagon that Shane and Stephanie are coming back....or was until I saw THIS new promotion. Sounds like maybe it would be just Shane on his own now.

    I will say what I have said all along though, if by some reason it IS Jericho returning, then I will bow down to his acting skills and call it one of the best plausable denial scenes I have ever witnessed, because he has said more than once, Fozzy will be going back to the studio in January, working through March then have the new album ready for a another long summer tour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sshinde555 View Post
    It Can Be Jericho
    Yeah Agreee...

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    Everything is possible, but I truly do NOT think we will see Jericho no matter how much we hope for it.



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