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    Default 10 things learned from raw 7-9-12

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    10 things learned from raw 7-9-12

    Here are 10 things learned from RAW:

    10. All the love and sex in the air: AJ torn in a love triangle between Punk and Bryan.....meanwhile Kane is in back rubbing one off.....monsters cant feel or accept love, but they can jerk one off with the best of them.

    9. The 8 year old kids dancing around in the ring got more ring time and exposure than Drew Mckintyre.

    8. Heath Slater has taken jobbing to the next level.....he gets his ass handed to him twice every monday.....he's making Swagger look like superman.

    7. Bob Backlund and Sheamus should form a tag team called Miracle Whip.

    6. This is a special **** you to the writers of the wwe who shove a huge angle down our throat for 2 give us the worst payoff possible. In other news: **** you Hornswaggle!

    5. Well the GM angle finally got week the "Bigger Picture will be answered.... all former Nexus members will bring out a huge painting of Wade Barrett and have a circle jerk.

    4. ADR actually rides a mule truck to Raw.....he just manages to steal one of Vinces cars every week.

    3. Eve and AJ in the ring at the same time in Glorius HD....YES YES YES.

    2. Lord Tensai wins a match and goes other news Mic Foley slammed 10 pulled pork sandwiches and farted on his wifes pillow.

    1. Raws big new era from the 1000'th show and beyond: John Cena makes history and wins the money in the Bank to Go on and become the WWE other news Brock Lesnar will job to HHH.

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    What I learned from tonight was that a lot of fans are desperate. The admiration fans here have for AJ is getting retarded. Fans are so desperate they think a storyline with a 90lb woman acting "crazy" and being the main focus of the WWE Championship match is something "amazing"

    It's truly sad. And the worst part is, is that I like AJ. But it's become too much. When she's in 3-4 segments and is overshadowing the WWE Title, that's taking it too far.

    And before any nutcases chime in, I know John Cena overshadows everything and I'm annoyed by his shit too.

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