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    Duration: 1h 39m
    Professional wrestling can be looked in many different ways. In one regard, it is an 
    old school boy's club full of incredible athletes performing death defying stunts and 
    maneuvers. Many see it as a traveling circus with men who go from town to town performing 
    in front of thousands every night. Whatever your personal take on wrestling is, the sport 
    has created some of the most charismatic and interesting people in entertainment. While 
    spending the majority of their days traveling, wrestlers have seen the world in a way very 
    few people have and the staff at RF VIDEO have been trying for months to figure out a unique 
    way in to get that road experience across to our viewers. It may sound odd, but sometimes 
    being in the ring for 20 minutes doesn't come close to equaling the experience of traveling 
    400 miles to get there. 
    Using RF VIDEO's extensive library, we have created our first ever documentary entitled "Life 
    In The Fast Lane." In one DVD you will get story after story from some of the biggest talents 
    in the business telling you exactly what it is like to live in the meat grinder that is known 
    as professional wrestling. From "Hot Rod" Rowdy Roddy Piper going to jail, to The Heartbreak Kid 
    Shawn Michaels given his walking papers, this DVD is jam packed full of interesting stories and 
    powerful anecdotes from some of the greatest legends in the industry. 
    Here is a sample of the Hall Of Fame talent involved in this exciting new project! 
    Rowdy Roddy Piper 
    Shawn Michaels 
    Bret Hart 
    Dusty Rhodes 
    Eddy Guerrero 
    Chris Candido 
    Honky Tonk Man 
    Jake Roberts 
    Barry Windham 
    Tully Blanchard 
    Mr. Fuji 
    Jeff Hardy 
    Matt Hardy 
    Sherri Martel 
    Ted Dibiase 
    Ricky Steamboat 
    The Dudleys 
    Billy Jack Haynes 
    …and so many more!




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