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    WCW Bash At The Beach 1999 PPV 720p Web DL H264 WWENerd14

    World Championship Wrestling's Bash at the Beach 1999 took place on July 11, 1999 from the National Car Rental Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida drawing 13,624 fans.
    1. Disco Inferno vs "The Cat" Ernest Miller (with Sonny Onoo)
    2. WCW World Television Championship: Rick Steiner (c) vs Van Hammer
    3. WCW United States Heavyweight Championship: David Flair (c) (with Ric Flair, Samantha (Torrie Wilson), Double D, and Arn Anderson) vs Dean Malenko
    4. Eight-Man Elimination Tag Team match: The No Limit Soldiers (Konnan, Rey Mysterio, Jr., Swoll, and Brad Armstrong) vs The West Texas Rednecks (Curt Hennig, Bobby Duncum,
    Jr., Barry Windham, and Kendall Windham)
    5. Junkyard Invitational for the WCW Hardcore trophy: Ciclope, Fit Finlay, Jerry Flynn, Johnny Grunge, Hak, Horace Hogan, Brian Knobs, Hugh Morrus, La Parka, Lord Steven Regal,
    Rocco Rock, Silver King, Squire David Taylor, and Mikey Whipwreck
    *This match took place in a junkyard and the match could only be won climbing over a chain link fence and escaping.
    6. WCW World Tag Team Championship: The Jersey Triad (Diamond Dallas Page, Chris Kanyon, and Bam Bam Bigelow) (c) vs Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn
    7. Boxing match (with Judge Mills Lane as Special Guest Referee): Buff Bagwell (with Judy Bagwell) vs Rowdy Roddy Piper (with Ric Flair)
    8. Tag Team match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship (The stipulation for the match was that whoever scored the fall would win the WCW World Heavyweight
    Championship): Kevin Nash (c) and Sting (with Gorgeous George) vs Macho Man Randy Savage and Sid Vicious (with Madusa and Miss Madness)



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