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    Default Shawn Michaels TWA Total Impact 11 13 1999

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    Shawn Michaels TWA Total Impact 11 13 1999

    Shawn Michaels Texas Wrestling Alliance from 1999 and 2000.
    This was the time when Michaels was doing very little on WWF TV (due to a variety of reasons), and had opened up the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy, and subsequently his own
    promotion, the Texas Wrestling Alliance...
    I will upload 12 weeks of TWA Wrestling. Here's the first show, from 13th November 1999.In fact this is the 5. TWA Episode. Unfornunely i dont have the first two.
    TWA Total Impact 11/13/99
    - Shooter Schultz interview
    - Chaz "The Love Machine" Taylor interview
    - Chaz "The Love Machine" Taylor vs. Shooter Schultz
    - Buffet Bros. & Nugget interview-Board of Education deliver Buffet Bros. pizza then attack them
    - Board of Education interview
    - Rudy Boy Gonzales vs. Spanky (TWA TV Title)
    This is a great show, and features the early career of Spanky, Daniel Bryan, Lance Cade... and Shawn Michaels as Comissionar and Colour Commentator...
    Code: Episode 5.rar.html Episode 5.rar.html



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