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    RF Video Shoot Kimberly Page

    We sat down with the lovely and talented Kimberly Page to conduct her very first shoot interview! Kim talked openly about meeting DDP at his club in Florida after she got out of college and frankly described in great detail what their relationship was like outside of the ring and how tough it was to maintain it. Kimberly gave us the scoop on her rapid rise in the business, starting from just going to shows with DDP, to becoming a part time Diamond Doll, to more full time role once things picked up for DDP. Kimberly described what it was like to train with Medusa in WCW's Power Plant and what the other female veterans, such as Sherri Martel, taught her about the business. It's not often to get a women's perspective on such a male dominated sport as wrestling, but Kimberly Page comes through in spades in this highly entertaining shoot!



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