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    GORE! GORE! GORE! One of the final superstars created in ECW. A man who worked his way up from a squash match with Taz in June of 99 to the top of the ECW mountain as both TV and World champion in 2001 only to have the company shut down. Rhino, two time ECW TV champion, involved in several high profile angles with Sandman (who could forget Lori Fullington taking several piledrivers from the ring apron onto a table on the floor courtesy of Rhino) and winner of the ECW Heavyweight championship at the companys final Pay Per View, Guilty as Charged also stopped by to give RF VIDEO an exclusive interview. There is no stone left untouched as we ask Rhino what happened at WrestleMania 21 that cause him to have so much heat with the WWE. RF VIDEO covers Rhino's entire career and we ask about the wild days of ECW and what happened when the ECW wrestlers were brought into the WWE fold. Rhino brings new insight into the final year of ECW, plus all the changes in the WWE after ECW folded. From headlining one of the biggest PPV events of all time, to the handling of the WCW/ECW InVasion storyline, to the death of hardcore in the WWE. From 2001-2005 Rhino saw many changes in the WWE, he then faced injury only to come back to working a new style and have Vince McMahon come out and stop one of his matches and publicly humiliate him. Rhino has had a very interesting career and in this shoot he goes into the heart of the WWE, from its writers, to the front office, not even Vince Mcmahon himself escapes the man-beast's wrath on this shoot.
    Runtime 2 Hrs 12 12 mins and 31 seconds
    Frame Width/Height 480X360
    Code: Video Rhino.mp4.html Video Rhino.mp4.html



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