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    Default RF Nova Shoot Interview

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    RF Nova Shoot Interview

    The Innovator Of Offense, Nova came to the RF Video offices for this shoot interview. Nova is a very vocal guy who has no problem dishing the scoops on his experiences in the wrestling business. From life on the indy scene to being a fixture in ECW, Nova talks about it all. This is really a great, inside look at ECW and what it was like to work in that company. Here are few of the things Nova discusses:
    -His start in wrestling.
    -The New Jersey indy wrestling scene.
    -Where did the Super Nova character come from?
    -Nova goes into his training.
    -How did he get into ECW?
    -Nova talks about Ravens role in getting him his ECW job.
    -All the details on the BWO.
    -How the Hollywood Nova character developed.
    -What was it like to work with Steven Richards?
    -How did Richards change?
    -Why did the BWO fade out?
    -Nova talks about the night Taz destroyed the BWO.
    -His opinion of Paul Heyman.
    -Teaming with Meanie.
    -Opinion of Richards when he returned to ECW.
    -The details on teaming with Chris Chetti.
    -The evolution of the Nova character.
    -Creating his innovative moves.
    -How did he get into shape?
    -Nova talks a lot about the change in his physical appearance.
    -Nova gives the inside scoop on pulling some ribs.
    -His relationship with his twin brother, who promotes.
    -Why his brother never wrestles.
    -He gives his opinion on many of the guys in ECW and what they were like to work with including Tommy Dreamer, Justin Credible, Lance Storm, Dudley Boys and many others.
    -The rise and fall of ECW.
    -Life after ECW.
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