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    Default The Last of McGuinness 2012 DVDRip x264 soxfan93

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    The Last of McGuinness 2012 DVDRip x264 soxfan93

    Year: 2012
    Sport: Wrestling
    Participants : Nigel McGuinness
    Duration: 1:57:19
    Comment language : English
    Description : Nigel McGuinness' "Last of McGuinness" documentary is a powerful look at the pro wrestling industry and the desire of one man to achieve the dream he had to a pro
    wrestler in WWE since he was a teenager. McGuiness funded the documentary on Kickstarter last year and the original idea for the documentary was McGuinness was going to film his
    final days as a wrestler as he tried to find some sort of resolution in his own mind about his wrestling career.



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