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    Default Kazuchika Okada in UWA Hardcore

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    Kazuchika Okada in UWA Hardcore

    Credit : RasslinTroll

    1. GP First Round: Okada vs. Puma - GP Tournament 2006: Night 1 [10.27.06]
    2. Zero One Tag Titles: Okada & Ultimo Dragon vs. Motor City Machine Guns - GP Tournament 2006: Night 2 [10.28.06]
    3. UWA GP: Okada vs. Sonjay Dutt - Return Of The Phoenix [11.24.06]
    4. Okada & Ultimo Dragon vs. Jushin "Thunder" Liger & Puma - UWA Hardcore vs. Toryumon Japan: Night 1 [05.25.07]
    UWA Title: Okada vs. Josh Prohibition - UWA Hardcore vs. Toryumon Japan: Night 2 [05.26.07]
    Second ever (First released) custom compilation brought to you by Unbreakable138. The first of what may be many.
    In 2006/2007, Kazuchika Okada made several trips with Ultimo Dragon to the Canadian based promotion UWA Hardcore. This is a compilation of every match he had while there.
    **** Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither were my DVD creation skills. There are some minor problems that may affect you while watching this
    - If you're watching this on a PC, you should be fine. The only problem is that trying to skip to the next chapter takes you back to the Main Menu [VLC Media Player]
    - I found that when played on a DVD Player, the background was cropped for some reason. No big deal, the only thing cut out was the promotion's name at the top, and my name at the
    bottom. I have an old TV so that may be the reason why. This will hopefully be fixed in future releases.
    - Also when using a DVD Player - There's no way to actually tell what match you're selecting in the "Matches" menu. My own fault for wanting everything to look consistent. I erased
    the title names and put custom cliparts under them as opposed to just using the title names.
    - When played on an XBox 360 I found I was unable to access the "Matches" menu. The "Play" option still works fine and you should have no issue watching it.
    An issue that likely won't affect you, but after encoding the frame had a black outline around it that wasn't on the original files. I'm not sure why this is.
    If anyone has solutions to any of these problems feel free to post them. I want to improve.



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