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    Default JERRY BLACKWELL IN AWA disc 4 of 8

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    Quality: Solid VG with low sound on match #7 and a slightly weaker picture on #6.
    Volume 4 (1 XP dvd, Running time approx. 54:00)

    One of Jerry Blackwell’s longest running AWA feuds was against three of the AWA’s elder statesmen: Mad Dog Vachon, and The Crusher. Blackwell had injured Vachon and put him out of the AWA for a lengthy period. When he returned, he brought back an old friend to help extract his revenge—Baron Von Raschke.

    1) Jerry Blackwell & Big John Studd vs. Mad Dog Vachon & Baron Von Raschke (Winnipeg, 1980). Billed as Mad Dog’s first match back in the AWA since Blackwell put him out of action. (24:00, VG-/VG)
    2) Jerry Blackwell & Big John Studd vs. Crusher & Baron Von Raschke (No DQ, Winnipeg, 1980, JIP). Crusher and Blackwell had begun feuding over Jerry using the nickname “Crusher”. (6:28, VG)
    3) Roger Kent interviews Blackwell & Studd, who brag about injuring Crusher. (2:05, VG)
    4) Jerry Blackwell & Big John Studd vs. Crusher & Baron Von Raschke (No DQ, St. Paul, 1980, JIP). The top rope breaks during the bout, and each team uses the broken turnbuckle to their advantage. (8:20, EX-)
    5) Crusher is interviewed about getting revenge on Blackwell one-on-one.
    6) Jerry Blackwell vs. Crusher (St. Paul, 1981, No DQ, JIP). Blackwell goes crazy at the end of the bout and tries to injure Crusher again.
    7) Another Crusher interview, who is so furious that he demands a return bout against Blackwell “brass knuckles” style. (Total time of clips 5, 6 and 7: 7:00. EX-)
    8) Jerry Blackwell vs. Crusher (No DQ, St. Paul 1981, JIP). This bout has the stipulation that the winner can use the “Crusher” nickname. Blackwell brings some help to ringside—Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie. 5:40, VG+/EX-)**NOTE-This bout may have occurred later than 1981.
    9) Jerry Blackwell vs. Bobby Jones (AWA TV clips, 1982). Kaissie is at ringside for the bout and is identified as Blackwell’s new partner. (1:15, EX-)



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