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    Default JERRY BLACKWELL IN AWA disc 3 of 8

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    Running time 58:13
    1) Intro and Jerry Blackwell promo calling Hulk Hogan out. (2:09, VG)
    2) Jerry Blackwell vs. Hulk Hogan (1981, Minneapolis, JIP). 14:20, VG/VG+
    3) Jerry Blackwell vs. Hulk Hogan II (1981, St. Paul, Bodyslam Challenge). $5,000 Challenge--but not a regular match. Jesse Ventura interferes and he and Blackwell beat on Hogan. This is a pretty rare clip as Johnny V is still managing Hogan at the time.
    4) Hulk Hogan wants Ventura, Adonis, and Blackwell in a 3-on-1 match but the promoters won't allow it. So he picks a partner. Andre the Giant. (interview)
    5) Blackwell, Adonis and Ventura all react to Hogan's choice of partner. (Total time of 3,4, and 5: 5:20. Quality is VG-/VG)
    6) Jerry Blackwell, Adrian Adonis & Jesse Ventura vs. Andre the Giant & Hulk Hogan (St. Paul, 1981). 13:43, VG/VG+
    7) Jerry Blackwell vs. Greg Gagne (Winnipeg, JIP). A bit out of order as Blackwell was with Sheik Kaissie at this point, but it was a beat down of Gagne that set up the next match.. (6:42, VG-/VG)
    8) Jerry Blackwell, Adrian Adonis and Jesse Ventura vs. Greg Gagne, Jim Brunzell and Hulk Hogan (Minneapolis, 1981, Clipped). Sound is low but it goes to a Double DQ. (8:40, VG/VG+)
    9) Winnipeg $50,000 Battleroyal (Winnipeg 1980, JIP). Funny, this is JIP at the 15-minute mark but there's only TWO guys eliminated. Battleroyals were very different back then. Blackwell makes it to the end. (7:00, EX-)



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