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    Default JERRY BLACKWELL IN AWA disc 2 of 8

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    1) Mean Gene Okerlund interviews Jerry Blackwell about his eating habits. (3:22, VG+)
    2) Jerry Blackwell vs. King Kong Mosca (Minneapolis, clips, 1980). John Studd, Blackwell's tag partner, is at ringside near the end. (6:55, VG-/VG)
    3) Jerry Blackwell vs. Andre the Giant (Minneapolis, 1980, end clips). It's a regular match with Blackwell putting up $5,000 if Andre can slam him. (4:05, VG)
    4) Jerry Blackwell/John Studd vs. King Kong Mosca/Andre the Giant (Winnipeg, 1980). 11:54, VG+
    5) Jerry Blackwell vs. Brad Rheingans & Buck Zumhofe (March 1, 1981, Minneapolis, JIP). Blackwell has to pin both men in the allotted time limit to get the win. Rheingans almost breaks Blackwell's neck with a TREMENDOUS belly-to-back suplex. (7:33, VG)
    6) Jerry Blackwell challenges Brad Rheingans to a TV match, which Rheingans accepts. The bout doesn't go Blackwell's way and he attacks Rheingans and injures him. (ASW TV, 1981, clipped) 5:15, F/VG-
    7) Jerry Blackwell vs. Brad Rheingans (St. Paul, 1981, JIP). 6:55, VG/VG+. "Blackwell the Bully" made him even more hated than he already was, and his matches with the smaller Rheingans were good for both of them.
    8) Jerry Blackwell vs. Brad Rheingans (Winnipeg, 1981, JIP) Blackwell goes nuts after the match and attacks Rheingans again. This time Hulk Hogan makes the save and slams Blackwell twice.
    9) A Blackwell interview with Rodger Kent where he calls out Hulk Hogan. (Both clips total 10:30, F/VG)



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