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    Default JERRY BLACKWELL IN AWA disc 1 of 8

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    Of all the "fat man" wrestliers,Jerry Blackwell was always my favorite.Not sure why.

    Maybe it was the facial hair,maybe he just seemed liked the good ol' boy type.The kind of guy that when not rasslin',he'd be at home,crankin' up the Molly Hatchet,out in the back yard shooting tin cans,or playing with his coon hounds.Also,he always kept him self covered in the ring.Pretty sure he never wrestled in you imagine?

    Anyway,here is the first disc of this 8 disc set

    1) Jerry Blackwell introduction by Verne and Greg Gagne (2:21, VG)
    2) Jerry Blackwell vs. Kenny Jay (An early AWA TV bout against a perennial AWA favourite) 6:28, VG
    3) Jerry Blackwell vs. Tito Santana (Winnipeg 1980, JIP). Good bout. If the VQ weren't so rough I'd have included more of it. (6:15, F/VG-)
    4) Jerry Blackwell vs. Billy Robinson (Winnipeg, 1980, JIP). 15:20, VG
    5) Verne Gagne (AWA World Champion) vs. Jerry Blackwell (St. Paul, 1980, end clip). One of Blackwell's few title matches as a heel. 2:46, VG, low sound.
    6) Jerry Blackwell vs. Dino Bravo (Bodyslam Challenge, Winnipeg, 1980). The idea is Bravo has three chances to slam Blackwell in order to collect $1,000. (4:02, VG-)
    7) Jerry Blackwell vs. Dino Bravo (Winnipeg, 1980, JIP). The revenge bout from the Bodyslam challenge. This time it's a regular match, but whoever slams the other gets $5,000. Bravo is defending the Canadian title. (21:16, VG+)



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