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    Default IWA MS Kings of the Crimson Mask 08 02 08 StingsFriend

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    IWA MS Kings of the Crimson Mask 08 02 08 StingsFriend

    1. CJ Otis vs. Louis Lyndon
    2. Josh Abercrombie vs. Robert Anthony
    3. IWA Mid South Light Heavyweight Championship/TLC: Jason Hades vs. Jayson Quick
    4. No Rope Barbed Wire/ Texas Bullrope: Freakshow vs. Nick Gage
    5. Four Corners of Pain/ Taipei: DJ Hyde vs. Tank
    6. Barbed Wire Boards/Stairway to Hell: Insane Lane vs. Toby Klein
    7. IWA Mid South Heavyweight Championship/Dog Collar: Dingo vs. Jayson Strife
    8. Fans Bring the Weapons: Corey Shaddix vs. Devon Moore vs. Whacks
    9. No Rope Barbed Wire/ Electrified Light Tubes: Corporal Robinson vs. Deranged
    Code: MS 08.02.08_StingsFriend.part1.rar.html MS 08.02.08_StingsFriend.part2.rar.html MS 08.02.08_StingsFriend.part1.rar.html MS 08.02.08_StingsFriend.part2.rar.html



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