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    This is HannibalThe Complete Documentary

    Completed in later 2012, early 2013. Devon Nicholson dreamed of becoming a professional wrestler since he was a child. During his high school days he became the most
    dominate amateur wrestler. He carried off a gold medal at the 2001 Junior National Championships in London, Ontario. A month later, he gained a spot on the Canadian Junior National
    Team after winning the National Team trials in Vancouver, British Columbia. Nicholson won the OFSAA wrestling high school championships in 2000 and also in 2001 without a single
    point scored against him. He has also held numerous City of Ottawa and Provincial titles in freestyle wrestling. He was named Amateur Wrestler of the Year by the City of Ottawa in
    2001. He was offered numerous scholarships but he turned them all down to pursue his dream of wrestling for The World Wrestling Federation. After years of struggling on the
    independent scene he was offered a three year contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. Little did he know his entire life was about to change when it was discovered he has a
    deadly disease. After the discovery of his disease the WWE rescinded his contract and he is forced to struggle on the independent scene.
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