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    Default More Detailed Smackdown SPOILERS for 30/5/2008

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    WWE Friday Night SmackDown:
    As SmackDown! starts, Edge appears on the Titantron announcing that throughout the evening, he will be showcasing the impressive career of The Undertaker, as this will be his last night on SmackDown, and he is the special guest for 'The Cutting Edge' later in the evening.

    Batista comes out to the ring first, and talks about his match with Shawn Michaels this Sunday. He is interrupted by Vickie, who is accompanied by Hawkins & Ryder. The two argue back and forth, and ultimately Vickie decides to put Batista in a tag match against Hawkins & Ryder. Batista must find a partner of his choosing, or it will be a handicap match.

    First match of the night was U.S. Champion Matt Hardy against Elijah Burke (non-title, I'm pretty sure). Decent opener with Hardy pinning Elijah after the Twist of Fate.

    Next was Finlay with Hornswoggle going 1-one-1 with Chuck Palumbo. Finlay won via a DQ after Chuck attacked him with a chain from his bike.

    Then John Morrison with The Miz faced off against CM Punk. Pretty good match featuring the ECW talent. Punk defeated Morrison via pinfall after the GTS.

    At some point backstage MVP was being interviewed and Jamie Noble interfered... (Don't ask why, because nobody here cared.) The segment ended with MVP telling Noble off, and Noble vowing that he could beat Montel in the ring, and that he would talk to Vickie about it. Later on, he did just that, whilst interrupting a conversation between Hawkins, Ryder, & Vickie, and was granted his match, then thrown out of the office.

    Batista came to the ring for his tag match or handicap match next. After Hawkins and Ryder made it to the ring, Batista got on the mic to announce his partner by saying, "I don't need a partner." Vickie came out to the stage again to mock Big Dave, only to be surprised by Big Show making an appearance. The match is now a tag team. Batista and Show win after a Showstopper & Batista Bomb. Easily the best match of the night.

    Montel Vontavius Porter went up against Jamie Noble next, with MVP showing off how much of a star he is by man-handling Noble around the ring. MVP gets the clean win after a very short match.

    Tonight's bathroom break match was brought to us by Vladimir Kozlov vs. Shannon Moore. Funny how people around us thought that Shannon was a jobber. The squash ended with Kozlov getting the pin as usual.

    Somewhere again backstage, Cherry was getting checked over in the trainer's room, sporting a nice bruise on her face, when Maryse walked in. Words were exchanged, and a match was up next.

    Michelle McCool vs. Maryse w/ Deuce and Domino. Towards the end of the match Cherry's music plays and she comes out to the ramp, distracting Maryse long enough for Michelle to get the submission and the win.

    Cutting Edge segment - World Title hanging above the ring, with Ladder and Table set up, and chairs in the corners. Edge talked a lot about the same old same old, then introduced the Deadman. Once Taker was in the ring, the two circled around the ladder, looking up at the title, with Edge saying how Taker might not be so comfortable with TLC equipment around. With that, Edge called out La Familia (Chavo, Bam Neely, Hawkins, & Ryder) who wheeled out a casket. Undertaker chased Edge from the ring, and got jumped and beat down on the outside. After a while of this going back and forth, Edge nails Taker with a chair and is able to roll him into the casket. Edge then climbed up the ladder, saying that Undertaker better get used to staying buried, as his last match would be this Sunday. Then the lights went out. On TV this'll probably look different, but live from ringside you could see Undertaker roll out from underneath the ring, probably from a trap door in the casket, run in and climb the up the ladder. When the lights came back on Edge was eye to eye with the Phenom. Taker knocked Edge down and proceeded to fight with Hawkins and Ryder again. Just when it looked like Edge was going to get chokeslammed through the table, Hawkins /or Ryder (can't tell them apart) intervened and was rewarded with a Last Ride through the table as Edge backed up the ramp.

    That is where I believe SmackDown went off the air, but the action didn't stop there. La Familia ran back in the ring again to gang up on The Undertaker, and just as he was getting overwhelmed again, Kane came out to help his brother. The Brothers of Destruction double-chokeslammed Hawkins and Ryder, then Bam Neely was chokeslammed by Kane as Edge was Tombstoned by Undertaker. Kane and Taker walked up the ramp, posed, and the show was over
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