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    Default The Crockett Diaries with Jim Corne

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    The Crockett Diaries with Jim Cornette

    When you hear the name Jim Cornette, you know you're getting an amazing interview and that is the case with this edition of The Crockett Diaries.
    Not only will you hear Jim Cornette talk about his time with Jim Crockett Promotions, but you will also hear his thoughts on the entire territory from beginning to end. Jim Cornette was not only a talented manager and performer, but hie is one of the true historians of the sport. Jim goes into great detail about everything Jim Crockett Promotions and much more.
    Hear stories about one of the greatest performers ever, Ric Flair, to the legendary feud of The Midnight Express vs. The Rock 'n' Roll Express.
    If you're a fan of Jim Cornette or a fan of pro wrestling in general, this shoot has something for everyone.
    Code: Diaries - Jim Cornette.mp4 Diaries - Jim Cornette.mp4.html Diaries - Jim Cornette.mp4.html



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