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    Default Best Of Crazy Monkey Jun Kasai Vol 2 DVD5 D monic

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    Best Of Crazy Monkey Jun Kasai Vol 2 DVD5 D monic

    un Kasai: Best of Jun Kasai Volume 2
    Jun Kasai & MEN'S Teioh vs. Abdullah The Butcher & Crazy Sheik (1/2/00)
    Kasai, MEN'S Teioh & Kamikaze vs. Abdullah The Butcher, Crazy Sheik & Motegi (4/24/00)
    Light Tube Barbed Wire Board Bare Feet: Jun Kasai vs. Mitsuhiro Matsunaga (4/30/00)
    Fire Death Match: Jun Kasai vs. Mitsuhiro Matsunaga (5/3/00)
    Jun Kasai, Yamakawa & The Winger vs. Mike Samples, Mustafa & Tower Of Doom (5/14/00)
    Fire Road Death Match: Jun Kasai vs. Ryuji Yamakawa (7/30/00)
    Super Fire Road Death Match: Jun Kasai & Matsunaga vs. Zandig & Nick Gage (8/6/00)
    Fire Road Death Match: Jun Kasai vs. Shadow WX
    Barbed Wire Death Match: Jun Kasai & Zandig vs. Yamakawa & Tomoaki Honma (10/15/00)
    Jun Kasai & Zandig vs. Mad Man Pondo & Mitch Page (10/22/00)
    Jun Kasai & Zandig vs. Abdullah The Butcher & Shadow WX (10/30/00)
    Jun Kasai & Zandig vs. Ryuji Yamakawa & Tomoaki Honma (10/30/00)
    BJW Jr. Heavyweight Title: Jun Kasai vs. MEN'S Teioh [c] (11/23/00)
    Jun Kasai, Zandig & Rockin' Rebel vs. Yamakawa, Shadow WX & Kintaro Kanemura (1/2/01)
    Jun Kasai vs. Tomoaki Honma (5/00)
    Jun Kasai vs. Abdullah Kobayahi (5/00)
    Jun Kasai vs. Kintaro Kanemura (1/28/01)
    CZW Heavyweight Title: Zandig vs. Tommy Dreamer (crazy brawl involving Kasai; 4/4/01)
    Fans Bring Weapons: Jun Kasai & Nick Mondo vs. Justice Pain & Johnny Kashmere (4/14/01)

    Tis is the second of 2 Best Of Jun Kasai collections. These re some particularly bloody matches from early in The Crazy Monkey's career. There is an extra match on here at the end. Mad Man Pondo vs....... shit, I forget. Include though, is the notorious broken arm from CZW Un F'n Believable. Definitely not for the weak of stomach or the faint of heart. But absolutely delicious for blood fiend's such as yours truly.
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    Code: Of.Crazy.Monkey.Jun.Kasai.Vol.2.DVD5.D.monic.Disc.1.part4.rar Of.Crazy.Monkey.Jun.Kasai.Vol.2.DVD5.D.monic.Disc.1.part3.rar Of.Crazy.Monkey.Jun.Kasai.Vol.2.DVD5.D.monic.Disc.1.part2.rar Of.Crazy.Monkey.Jun.Kasai.Vol.2.DVD5.D.monic.Disc.1.part1.rar
    Code: Of.Crazy.Monkey.Jun.Kasai.Vol.2.DVD5.D.monic.Disc.1.part3.rar Of.Crazy.Monkey.Jun.Kasai.Vol.2.DVD5.D.monic.Disc.1.part4.rar Of.Crazy.Monkey.Jun.Kasai.Vol.2.DVD5.D.monic.Disc.1.part2.rar Of.Crazy.Monkey.Jun.Kasai.Vol.2.DVD5.D.monic.Disc.1.part1.rar

    Disc 2

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    Code: Of.Crazy.Monkey.Jun.Kasai.Vol.2.DVD5.D.monic.Disc.2.part5.rar Of.Crazy.Monkey.Jun.Kasai.Vol.2.DVD5.D.monic.Disc.2.part4.rar Of.Crazy.Monkey.Jun.Kasai.Vol.2.DVD5.D.monic.Disc.2.part3.rar Of.Crazy.Monkey.Jun.Kasai.Vol.2.DVD5.D.monic.Disc.2.part2.rar Of.Crazy.Monkey.Jun.Kasai.Vol.2.DVD5.D.monic.Disc.2.part1.rar
    Code: Of.Crazy.Monkey.Jun.Kasai.Vol.2.DVD5.D.monic.Disc.2.part5.rar Of.Crazy.Monkey.Jun.Kasai.Vol.2.DVD5.D.monic.Disc.2.part4.rar Of.Crazy.Monkey.Jun.Kasai.Vol.2.DVD5.D.monic.Disc.2.part3.rar Of.Crazy.Monkey.Jun.Kasai.Vol.2.DVD5.D.monic.Disc.2.part1.rar Of.Crazy.Monkey.Jun.Kasai.Vol.2.DVD5.D.monic.Disc.1.part3.rar Of.Crazy.Monkey.Jun.Kasai.Vol.2.DVD5.D.monic.Disc.2.part2.rar

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