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    Default Catch Him If You Can The KENNY OMEGA INTERVIEW

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    Catch Him If You Can The KENNY OMEGA INTERVIEW

    Highspots caught the elusive Kenny Omega for over two and a half hours at BOLA 2014. In this interview Kenny talks about growing up in Canada, shares the story of the infamous Canadian Death Tours, talks about his time in WWE developmental and his feelings on the trainers there at the time.
    He also talks in depth about working in Japan, helping turn DDT into a top promotion in Japan, and his thoughts on NJPW. Kenny takes us behind the scenes of his YouTube sensation anywhere match and talks about working with 7 year old, Haruka, and the uproar it caused.
    Catch him while you can in this insightful interview, with the one and only Kenny Omega.
    Runtime 2 Hrs 55 Mins



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