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    Default BJW House Pro Wrestling Kojika's House Show 2003

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    BJW House Pro Wrestling Kojika's House Show 2003

    Someone had a big house set for a TV show that they were going to throw away. They called up Great Kojika (the owner of BJW) to come tear it down since BJW also runs a
    moving company to supplement their income as wrestlers. Kojika asked them if they could use it for a wrestling match, and the TV people agreed to it.
    Big Japan presents a very unique show, to say the least, at Korakuen Hall as the famous arena is transformed into "Great Kojika's house". Big Japan President Kojika's "home" is used
    as the battleground for an entire night of action as Big Japan wrestlers battle everywhere from the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the second story, and so on! Big Japan has certainly
    done their share of unusual matches in the past, but this event may just be on top of the list!
    1. Scramble Bunkhouse Kitchen Death Match:
    Mad Man Pondo vs. Abdullah Kobayashi
    2. Single-Room Toilet Chain Death Match:
    Mike Samples vs. Daikokubo Benkei
    3. Second Floor Violence Death Match:
    2 Tuff Tony & BadBoy Hido vs. Men's Teioh & Ryuji Ito
    4. All House Death Match:
    Abdullah Kobayashi, Daikokubo Benkei, Men's Teioh, & Ryuji Ito vs. Mad Man Pondo, Mike Samples, BadBoy Hido, & 2 Tuff Tony
    Code:'s_House_Show).avi.html's_House_Show).avi 21.08.2003 - House Pro Wrestling (Kojika's House Show).avi.html 21.08.2003 - House Pro Wrestling (Kojika's House Show).avi.html



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