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    Default AWA LEGENDS Jerry Blackwell disc 5 of 8

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    Jerry Blackwell's AWA tenure stalled briefly upon the departure of tag partner Big John Studd. His services were quickly scooped up by Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie. Kaissie, as a singles grappler, had failed in his quest to unseat Nick Bockwinkel for the AWA World title. With Blackwell adopting a Sheik outfit, the pair sought revenge against common enemies and planned an assault at the AWA World tag team titles. Rarely has a team garnered so much hatred in an AWA ring.

    1) Intro and early squash match highlights against Bobby Jones (AWA TV, 1982). One of the earliest appearances of Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie in Blackwell's corner. (3:00, EX-)
    Kaissie began appearing in Blackwell's corner for all of his singles matches at this point.
    2) Jerry Blackwell vs. Steve Olsonowski (St. Paul, 1982, JIP). 7:50, VG-/VG
    3) Jerry Blackwell vs. Ray Stevens (St. Paul, 1982, JIP). 11:51, VG
    4) Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie vs. Baron Von Raschke & Mad Dog Vachon (Winnipeg, JIP, 1982). All four men had feuded with each other individually. All four in a match together made for a real war. (8:38, VG)
    5) Jerry Blackwell vs. Greg Gagne (Winnipeg, 1982, JIP). Kaissie interferes and the pair beat down Gagne. (7:00, VG-/VG)
    6) Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie vs. Brad Rheingans & Buddy Lane (2/3 fall highlights, AWA TV, 1982). Rheingans has Blackwell's number, which prompts him and Kaissie to go crazy on the faces until several wrestlers run in for the save. Greg Gagne is one of them, and Blackwell Powerslams and splashes him on the concrete floor. The Sheiks are interviewed after the match. (11:06, G/VG-, snowy picture).
    7) A Blackwell and Kaissie interview demanding AWA tag title matches against Greg Gagne and Jim Brunzell. (2:00, VG)
    8) Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie vs. Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell (AWA tag title match, St. Paul, 1982, slightly JIP). Good bout, strange ending. (12:21, VG+)
    9) Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie vs. Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell (AWA tag title match, Winnipeg, 1982, JIP). Basically the same finish as above but a good match nonetheless. (6:45, VG-/VG)
    10) Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie vs. Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell (AWA Tag champions). Non-title steel cage bout, St. Paul 1982. Clipped Raw footage shot from a ringside camera. Violent match that sees the Sheiks lock Brunzell out of the cage after the match and beat down Gagne. Brunzell and Verne Gagne make the save. (11:05, VG)
    11) A Mad Dog Vachon interview: he's back from the Mines, and he wants his revenge on Jerry Blackwell. (1:30, VG)
    12) Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie vs. Mad Dog Vachon & Steve O (End clip, St. Paul, 1983). Vachon takes out both the Sheiks with various objects and a chair after the bout. (3:15, F/VG-, lots of snow on the picture).
    13) Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie vs. Mad Dog Vachon & Baron Von Raschke (St. Paul, 1983 Raw footage from an alternate camera angle). Blackwell and Kaissie injure not only Vachon and Raschke, but also Verne Gagne, who tried to make the save. The Heat for this bout is off the charts as fans are insane with rage. (14:00, VG-/VG, good picture that jumps a bit in spots).
    14) Several interview segments where Mad Dog Vachon tries to get Verne Gagne to come out of retirement to face the Sheiks at Super Sunday. Verne ultimately accepts. (2:51, EX-)
    15) Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie vs. Verne Gagne & Mad Dog Vachon (Super Sunday 1983, St. Paul). Vachon looks for revenge, Verne wants to hurt Kaissie. He does. (10:00, EX-)

    With Kaissie on the shelf, Blackwell was in need of a new tag team partner. The Sheik makes an offer to Bobby Heenan for the services of Ken Patera, which Heenan ultimately accepts. (AWA TV, 1983). 7:00, EX-



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