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    Default AWA LEGENDS Jerry Blackwell disc 1 of 8

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    1) Jerry Blackwell introduction by Verne and Greg Gagne (2:21, VG)
    2) Jerry Blackwell vs. Kenny Jay (An early AWA TV bout against a perennial AWA favourite) 6:28, VG
    3) Jerry Blackwell vs. Tito Santana (Winnipeg 1980, JIP). Good bout. If the VQ weren't so rough I'd have included more of it. (6:15, F/VG-)
    4) Jerry Blackwell vs. Billy Robinson (Winnipeg, 1980, JIP). 15:20, VG
    5) Verne Gagne (AWA World Champion) vs. Jerry Blackwell (St. Paul, 1980, end clip). One of Blackwell's few title matches as a heel. 2:46, VG, low sound.
    6) Jerry Blackwell vs. Dino Bravo (Bodyslam Challenge, Winnipeg, 1980). The idea is Bravo has three chances to slam Blackwell in order to collect $1,000. (4:02, VG-)
    7) Jerry Blackwell vs. Dino Bravo (Winnipeg, 1980, JIP). The revenge bout from the Bodyslam challenge. This time it's a regular match, but whoever slams the other gets $5,000. Bravo is defending the Canadian title. (21:16, VG+)



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