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    Default 5 Dollar Wrestling All Gimmicks Needed

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    5 Dollar Wrestling All Gimmicks Needed

    5 Dollar Wrestling Presents
    "All Gimmicks Needed"
    Concord, NC
    Hosted by Colt Cabana & Marty DeRosa
    1. Loser Must Wear a Dress & Ring Announce the Whole Show: Dyn-O-Mite vs. Mr. Sleazy
    2. Vince Russo DVD om a Pole Match: Storm Maverick vs. Greeh Machine vs. Samoa Joey vs. King Jeremy Snaker
    3. Mask vs Mask: One Horned Liger vs. American Idiot
    4. Pinata Lego Deathmatch: Terry Houston vs. Colt 45 vs. Lil Donnie vs. Mike Levy
    5. 6 Pack Challenge: JC Steele vs. Porkchop Cash Jr.
    6. Step Ladder Match: Red Solo CUp vs. Raider Rock
    7. 2 out of 3 Falls Mtch for the 5 Dollar Wrestling Title: Big Donnie vs. Jeff Hart
    8. I Quit Match: Jake Mandy vs. Freight Train



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