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    Default 1PW Shoot Teddy Hart In His Words

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    1PW Shoot Teddy Hart In His Words

    A RARE shoot interview with Ted Annis AKA Teddy Hart released on DVD in August 2006.
    I will warn you The Most Controversial Shoot Interview in 1PW history 1PW Teddy Hart -- in his words Teddy Hart - it seems that whrever he goes, controversy follows, and on july
    1st 2006, the controversy came to 1PW. During his stay Teddy sat down to take part in 1PW's most interesting shoot interview yet, tackling all manner of subjects, from growing up in
    the Hart family shadow, thoughts on the internet wrestling community, his time in the WWE dojo, his relationship with Rob Feinstein to his own vision of pro-wrestling, be it through
    wrestling society x, Matrats, H20 or stampede wrestling. a rare opportunity to get an insight into Hart's unaldulterated view of the wrestling world, and the people that inhabit it;
    Teddy leaves no stone unturned and leaves you with a shoot you will never forget.
    Code: Teddy Hart - In His Words (Video 2006).mp4.html Teddy Hart - In His Words (Video 2006).mp4.html



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