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    Default 'I won't say no to any role'- Sudhanshu Pandey

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    Sudhanshu Pandey is to play Sampurn Singh in the forthcoming soap Veera. Sudhanshu tells us why he decided to do this cameo, about his role and future plans...

    On which channel and time slot will Veera be aired?
    To the best of my knowledge it will be on the 10:30pm slot of Star Plus.

    Please tell me about the show Veera.
    I am not at the liberty of revealing the story. I can just say it will be a 15 episode cameo. I am doing TV after a long time as my good friend Yash Patnaik is producing Veera and the concept is very different.

    You are playing a young father on the show. You also have kids in real life. Did that make it easier for you to play a dad?
    If you know how to handle a kid in real life, it is much easier to handle a kid in reel life. As I am a father in real life I am well versed with a child's thinking process.

    You play a village sarpanch. Did you visit a village and meet the sarpanch to prepare for this role?
    I didn't have to do that as in my growing up years I have seen villages and am therefore acquainted with village life.

    Can you identify with this role?
    If you can't identify with a role you simply can't do the role. It is not that you have to start living the character. You have to have a good understanding of the character and fully grasp his modus operandi.

    Please tell me about your forthcoming film ventures.
    My South Indian film Billa 2 was released just a month and a half ago. The film has been very well received in South India. Big directors from the region are expressing keen interest in working with me. I want to work in more South Indian films.

    Please tell me about your forthcoming commercials.
    No commercials in near future as of now.

    What kind of role would you never do?
    It is difficult to answer this question. I won't say no to any role unless I am incapable of doing it physically. Emotionally I am open to all kinds of roles. An actor should after all do various kinds of roles.

    You were also a part of Band of Boys. Are you still involved in music? Do you want to have a music profession again?
    I intend to produce films very soon. I will be very musically involved from then. I would like to sing in my own films

    What about the TV industry would you like to change?
    The TV industry is far too hectic. It just drains you out. I therefore do just cameos on TV instead of full-fledged roles. I don't like to rush when I am acting. Instead I wish to have the liberty to ponder on the role and my dialogues.



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