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    Default "Spending your first salary should be memorable" : Shivin Narang

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    The much loved actor Shivin Narang talks about his first salary and shares the memories associated with it in this conversation with us…

    Nothing feels greater than getting your first salary which you earn it with your hard work. No matter how much we earn today but first salary always remains very special in one's life that is to be cherished forever.

    We quizzed your favorite stars about their first salary and their memories related to the salary and that day. This time we got in touch with the good looking guy of television Shivin Narang who is currently seen as Ranvi in Beyond Dreams' popular show Veera on Star Plus.

    Talking about his first salary, Shivin told us, "I did an internship in the bank during my holidays. I got 1500 Rs. for 3 days. I gave my salary to my Mom and dad. It was an honored moment for them. They were very happy and they kept my salary amount very carefully with them as Shivin's first salary. They have still kept it carefully with them."

    We asked Shivin as what did he plan to do with his salary earlier when he didn't get it to which he told us, "That time I was fond of playing Snooker so I had plans to go for playing Snooker with my friends after getting my salary but later, I thought of giving it to my parents. It feels good to give them your first salary as till then we have always taken money from them. It was a different moment for me to give my first salary to my Mom and Dad. Earlier I used to plan a lot that I can do so many things with it. My friends partied with their first salary and after few days I took some money from my Mom Dad and I too partied with my friends (laughs)."

    He further adds, "It's really nice to recall the moment of getting your first salary. That moment is really different in one's life. We used to have limited amount of pocket money with us in which we used to do so many things in a limited way."

    "For everyone, their way of spending their first salary is different. Some take their girlfriend out, some give it to their Mom Dad or some do something they wish to do. So, one should just enjoy with their first salary for their happiness. Spending your first salary should just be memorable for you," concludes Shivin.



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