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    Default Shivin and Digangana nailed their performances without rehearsing together!

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    Popular actors Shivin Narang and Digangana Suryavanshi gave their best performance at the Star Parivaar Awards 2014 even if they didnít get any chance to rehearse together.

    While the stars were busy doing their rehearsals for the Star Parivaar Awards 2014, actors Shivin Narang and Digangana Suryavanshi aka Ranvi and Veera of Veera had to perform on skates. Both of them managed to do well and got appreciated by the audiences but it wasn't an easy deal for the on-screen brother sister duo.

    While Shivin was doing his rehearsals here, Digangana was shooting in Poland for her show. So, both of them didn't get any chance to do their rehearsals together. Unknown with their positioning of the performance, Shivin and Digangana just performed for the first time together on the performance day and both of them nailed it and got appreciations from everyone.

    We spoke to Shivin and Digangana to know more about their experience of their performance and how they managed to give their best without doing rehearsals together for a single day.

    Shivin says, "When I got to know that I had to perform with skates along with Digangana in the award function, I really became very excited. She had to go to Poland for her shoot so we couldn't rehearse together. I started my rehearsals without her. I had never tried skating before so I had to learn it and during which I fell many times and I had to learn it while it was raining too. It was a good learning experience for me.

    Both of us didn't get any chance to rehearse together. We just went to perform together directly on our performance day. we didn't even know our positioning but thankfully everything went well with God's grace. Our trainer gifted us skates and everybody appreciated our performance and all were happy. I will keep the skates with me always as a best memory of mine and sometimes I will do skating in my building's compound as skating is good for keeping our body fit. Shiamak Davar who choreographed our performance, was also happy with our performance. I also did the Tandav performance for the promo shoot with Anas Rashid. That was also quite a good experience.

    We both supported each other during the performance. Though it was hectic for us as we had to shoot and then come for our rehearsals too but we enjoyed everything so much that it was worth it."

    Digangana shares, "I was shooting in Poland then and I had to shoot for 12 hours and the learn to skate as I had never done it before. My trainer was from Holland who had come to Poland to teach me skating. I had to skate even if it was raining outside. There was no place to skate so I had to skate sometimes outside a mall. It was really a good experience. I didn't know that where would my positioning be on the stage while performing, for me everything was new. I didn't know that I had to slide with skates and all other positions. I just reached to the performance day and I just performed and everything went well. Everybody was happy with our performance and they congratulated us for our performance and winning the award."



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