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    Default Ratan to take part in the tractor race in Veera!

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    Star Plus Veera will be showcasing an interesting track for the audience as troubles knocks the door of Nihal and Ratan who are competing with all the men in the tractor race.

    After a lot of trouble and high voltage emotional drama in Yash Patnaik's Veera, finally Ranvi has united with his family. Now as he gets back to his family everyone is happy to have him back and Moti Chaiji is distributing sweets in the village.

    We have got to know that Nihal (Kapil Nirmal) will be seen taking part in the upcoming Rural Olympics in the Ghud Daud event which is going to take place in Kila Raipur. Nihal asks Ratan (Sneha Wagh) as he wants to take everyone along with him. She initially refuses to go along with Nihal because of the fear as the race could remind her of memories with Sampooran. However, she agrees to go there after the insistence of Ranvi (Bhavesh Balchandani) and Veera (Harshita Ojha). Ranvi, Ratan, Veera and Nihal enjoy a meal together at a dhaba and plan to head towards Kila Raipur.

    On the other side in Pitampura, under some mysterious circumstances the stable where Nihal's horse was kept, catches fire injuring his horse. Nihal was informed about the injury of his horse after all four of them reach Kila Raipur. Will Nihal be able to participate in the competition? Is it a conspiracy or accident? If a conspiracy who is responsible for the same?

    Our sources have also informed us that Nihal, Ranvi and Veera convince Ratan to take part in the tractor race and Ratan agrees for it.

    We spoke to Sneha aka Ratan, who said, "It was an amazing experience shooting for the race sequence and all went very well. I was the only women amongst all the men who were taking part in the competition. Something funny happened during the sequence. When the shot begun I stood first in the race and seeing this all the men were charged up and they started running their tractors with full energy. They all thought that being a woman I couldn't do it but when I started the tractor they were all stunned (laughs)."

    Will Ratan be able to win the race? It seems like the upcoming episodes of Veera has some fun filled moments for its audience.



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