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    Default Ratan yet to accept her husband's love child in Veera

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    Ratan abandons Veera at an orphanage this week on Star Plus' Veera

    Ratan saves Veera from falling from a jhoola, however it seems that it'll be quite some time before she accepts to be a mother to her husband's love child. Ranvijay who is his baby sister Veera's caretaker resolves to go to school only if he can sit outside the classroom as his teacher won't allow him to take the baby inside the classroom.

    Ranvijay dreams of a fairy taking care of the bonny baby Veera. Ratan refusing to accept the baby as a family member, leaves her at an orphanage. The baby wails on being abandoned. Ranvijay who wishes to give his sister the milk bottle resolves to find her missing sister on his own. All of this will unfold on Veera this week.



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