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    Default Rapid Fire: With Ranvijay

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    Ranvijay takes care of his little sister Veera like a mother. He has different shades to his young life. Know more about this cute and devoted brother.

    Prized Possession
    My tablet and PS2

    Favourite food
    Paneer (says very promptly with a toothy smile)

    Favourite sweet
    Kaju katli

    Favourite colour

    Your ideal
    My parents (quite gravely)

    A good habit..
    I always listen to my parents (says confidently)

    What do you do in your free time?
    Play video games. Though I love cricket and play the game in between my shots. I love batting but I am an all-rounder (beams)

    A secret that we donít know about you..
    There is no secret (seems a little confused)

    You always carry..
    My tablet so I can play video games

    You canít live without..
    My mother

    Favourite subject..

    Who do you want to be when you grow up?
    Like Salman Khan

    Your hobbies..
    Skating, dancing, acting and swimming

    You are most comfortable in..
    Jeans and jackets

    Your favourite travel destination



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