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    Default Ranvi is shattered to know about Veera's truth!

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    Ranvi will be shocked and shattered to learn about Veera's truth in Star Plus' popular show Veera.

    It's time for a big revelation in Beyond Dreams' popular show Veera on Star Plus as Ranvi will come to know about Veera being an illegitimate child. Ranvi will get shattered to know about this truth and will be highly saddened to know about the same. The audience will witness a high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes of the show.

    According to the ongoing track of the show, we have seen that Ranvi gets shocked to know that Ratan has already fixed his marriage with someone else. But he courageously decides to tell Ratan about his feelings for Gunjan (Farnaz Shetty). Ranvi's family visit Gunjan's house for Ranvi's marriage proposal which makes Baldev (Vishal Vashishtha) furious on them.

    Our source says, "In the upcoming track of the show, tough times are knocking at the doors for Ranvi. Though Baldev and Bansuri reject Ratan's proposal for Ranvi's marriage with Gunjan but Balwant leaves the decision on Gunjan. On the other hand, Gunjan gets to know the truth that Veera is an illegitimate daughter of Sampooran (Sudhanshu Pandey). Eventually, Veera and Ranvi too come to know that Ratan is not the mother of Veera; she is Amrita's (Aastha Chaudhary) daughter."

    When contacted Shivin, he said, "Ranvi is shattered to know about this truth. Viweres will see a highly intensified in the coming episodes of the show."

    Will this truth affect the relationship between Veera and Ranvi? How will they react knowing about this truth? The upcoming track of Veera will unfold the answers to these questions.



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