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    Default "I prefer liquid diet during summers"- Digangana Suryavanshi

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    Popular actress Digangana Suryavanshi tells us how she tries to beat the heat and also talks about her summer plans.

    Summer is here and along with it the rise in mercury which means everyone starts feeling the heat. Our TV celebs too are not spared and here they give tips related to summer and also share what they like and dislike about the summer season.

    We got in touch with Digangana Suryavanshi who plays Veera in Star Plus's Veera to talk about the same. Here is Digangana sharing her likes and dislikes about summers...
    Do you like anything about summers?
    No I don't like anything about summers, sometimes it becomes irritating for us to shoot because every time I have to apply make-up and we tend to sweat during summers which is actually tedious.

    Summers are meant for... Its welcome to monsoon and we get to wear cotton clothes.

    The perfect summer wear for me is... Trousers and mostly cotton wear.

    Shooting during summer is... Very bad, hilarious specially when we do outdoors as we have to keep on doing make-up again and again.

    Things I carry along during summer... Sunglasses, sunscreen and different shoes.
    My travel destination during summer is... Cool places where temperature is low.

    My beauty regime during summer is... I apply sunscreen and wash it before sleeping.

    My diet during summer is...... Mostly liquid as it keeps body hydrated.

    My fitness regime during summer is... Eat less and drink lots of water.

    One summer tip for your fans... Apply sunscreen before going out, avoid medicines because it creates heat in the body, eat things which keeps your stomach cool that's it.



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