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    Default "Painting gives me peace of mind" : Farnaz Shetty

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    Apart from her brilliant acting talent, the good looking actress Farnaz Shetty aka Gunjan of Star Plusí Veera is a very good painter too. She talks to us about her varied interest in detail...

    The pretty and bubbly Farnaz Shetty, who is currently winning audiences' heart with her acting skills by portraying Gunjan in Beyond Dreams' popular show Veera, is skilled in painting too. The talented actress is very good with colors and she loves to play with colors whenever she gets free time.

    We quizzed Farnaz to know more about her painting skills and we learnt that it's a God gifted talent imbedded in her and she loves painting since her childhood days.

    Here's Farnaz sharing more about her hobby of painting in this conversation with us...

    Tell us something about your craze for painting. Since how long you are doing it?

    I have this hobby since childhood and I used to participate in many drawing competitions and I used to win those competitions. I used to come first in my school and win awards in the competitions which used to make me feel that I am a good painter. I have got a lot of awards for my paintings since my school days. Whenever, I have participated I have won. I feel that it's a God gifted thing in me. I really love painting and I feel wow' about it.

    Have you taken any specific training?

    I have never taken any lessons for painting; it comes out from me naturally and I do it on my own.

    How did you start doing paintings? Do you sketch as well?

    I have been doing paintings since my childhood days when I was in school; we used to have drawing as a subject. My teacher used to call me the best drawing student' of the class. I used to wait for my drawing class so that I get to draw something new. Earlier I just used to sketch but now I have started painting directly with colors.

    Sketching or painting - what do you prefer the most?

    I don't like sketching that much. I like colors in my life and I love to play with colors. So I like painting more over sketching.

    Do you replicate or use your own thoughts while painting?

    I do it in both the ways. When I replicate, I do it by mixing with my own thoughts. I do not replicate it totally. I love portraits a lot which is the most difficult one. I can do antique painting really well and my hands are free on it. Portraits need some techniques in which I need to get myself trained.

    Do you also take out some time to do it on the set?

    I need peace and patience to do paintings so I haven't got time to do it on my sets yet because I keep myself busy preparing for my scripts so its little impossible for me to do it.

    What has been the best compliment ever received from someone for your painting so far?

    I have got compliments from people like I should put up an exhibition for my paintings and once one of my friend told me that I am going to take 10 more copies of this painting. I have gifted one of my Buddha's painting to my on-screen Mom as she was waiting for a picture which could make her feel happy whenever she gets up in the morning and look at it. When I gifted her that painting, she became extremely happy and she has kept that painting in her bedroom and whenever she wakes up, she sees my painting which makes her happy. It's a great compliment for me.

    How does painting satisfy you?

    Painting gives me peace of mind. I feel satisfied and great after painting. I feel that I am spending some time with myself while I paint.

    Do you have any plans to keep an exhibition for your paintings?

    I have to make a big collection for that. Whenever I will get free from acting, then I might think about it.



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