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    Default "Overcoming rejections are the struggles one has to face"

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    Says Kapil Nirmal who plays Nihal in popular show Veera on Star Plus…

    We got in a candid chat with Actor Kapil Nirmal who gained immense popularity after playing Nihal in Star Plus' popular show Veera. The actor went on to describe about his character and journey with Veera so far.

    Can you relate yourself to the character of Nihal?
    I cannot say that I can relate myself to the character of Nihal 100% but there are few traits that I can relate to like he is mostly quite, he is simple and don't have over the top attitude.

    Do you think that portraying Nihal is going to be a turning point for your career?
    I am just playing this character by my heart. I don't know whether it's going to be a turning point for my career. Let's see.

    How has been the journey so far?
    The journey has been good and it's a journey filled with mixed feelings for me. The character graph is going good now and it goes through variations so it's a mixed pack for me.

    What kind of struggles have you faced so far?
    Struggles are a part of life. I used to work and earn my salary earlier. It's a mental struggle when you have to face rejections for getting work in this field so, facing those rejections and overcoming them are the struggles one has to face. While portraying the character of Nihal, I requested the production people to let me speak in Hindi instead of Punjabi which the production people agreed. However, I try to give a Punjabi touch to my Hindi in the show.

    Which has been the challenging task for you till date while portraying Nihal?
    It was the scene where I revealed that I was the reason behind Sampooran's (Sudhanshu Pandey) death. I enjoyed doing this scene because it had lot of emotions to play in one scene and it has been one of the most challenging scenes for me to do.

    Was it easy for you to get yourself evolved in the character of Nihal?
    It was not difficult for me to get myself evolved in this character. Though, it took some days for me to get myself properly involved in this character but slowly I got myself into this character.

    How was the experience while shooting for the tiger sequence?
    It was fun! I never shot it on chroma and I enjoyed watching the sequence on television.

    What do you feel the best about the character of Nihal?
    He is a great, helpful and supportive guy. He can't express his feelings properly. He has all the qualities that a good person has within himself.

    Do you think that Ratan should have a man like Nihal in her life?
    Definitely Nihal is a wonderful guy and he loves Ratan also but this decision is up to Ratan as to what she decides.

    What kind of bonding you share off-screen with Sneha Wagh, Bhavesh Balchandani and Harshita Ojha?
    Harshita is cute and all my mental stress goes off when I meet her. Bhavesh is a very naughty and a cute kid and I share a very good bonding with Sneha and all others on the sets.

    There have been a lot of rumors going around that you will be quitting Veera. What message you would like to give to the fans?
    I will not quit Veera until and unless I don't have anything to do and my character is worthwhile in the show. This character has got a very good response and I am very thankful to all and want them to keep showering the love for me and I want them to be happy always.



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